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Disability Recreational Hunting and Fishing License Application Mail to SCDNR License Office PO Box 11710 Columbia SC 29211-1710 803 734-3833 M-F 8 30-4 50 PM ET Disability Licenses are only available to those that meet the definition of Resident for the purpose of obtaining South Carolina hunting and fishing licenses. Disability Certification 1. Include a copy of your unexpired SC Driver s License or ID Card. 2. Include a current copy of your disability certification from one of the...
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What's up guys Cody with big money bash in here so my dad recently just bought a lot and lobito South Carolina with a dock on the saltwater a part of the saltwater river and so yesterday as I was walking back from the dock I noticed some stingray over here by the shore at just about this time like an hour after it was low tide and a tide is coming back in I just caught some shrimp I caught him my five minutes ago I couldn't film it because it was still raining but I noticed it stopped raining so I decided to stop and get my rod and film while I can oh there's more yeah no I lost my shrimp yeah wait oh I just dropped it on his head oh he's on top of it right now yep he's got it dum got him yep yes I was easy like second cast her third cast I guess install of something how how am I getting around there oh yeah there's an opening oh I know there isn't Oh nope all right never mind that idea thought I could pull or I thought I could work my way all the way down to that dock so we're just gonna have to horse him up here and that's a small one use that depend on this his tail that's a female got it watch how his barb is no I don't have it I got the hook out but his barb is say his barb is stuck in the neck so - yeah that barb is stuck in the net hmm you all right guys this is part two of this video still in the same spot but it's low tide right now tides still going out I got some squid which is on that Carolina rig Drott over there just dead sticking it I'm about to put this popper cork with one of these one of these shrimp on and hopefully we can get a bite in the next you next few minutes oh my god there's my cast net y'all know I oh my god that's my cast net that I lost you're feeling somehow freaking flew out of my hand yes No yes yes come here oh it's a bigot oh my gosh guys hooked into a big one yes oh yes finally finally guys what if it has like a huge thing Imola in it oh god oh my god that's so gross that's cha do I catch anything no oh that's gross so that's grody mm just put that back in here what up what up to the left I got like I don't know what I got you come off no I didn't do that call us out yeah damn teeth hey y'all never sit to look like that hard on these this is circle again circle we're going yeah well that's your food now you ripped his mouth so hard this small one but not the first one I caught that you you